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Stock markets rally as US and China agree trade talks – business live

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US and China to restart trade talksMeeting is provided for in early OctoberChinese stocks jump 1%

8.13 am BST

The varies of a US-China trade deal anytime soon are thin, warns Ipek Ozkardeskaya, elderly sell psychoanalyst at London Capital Group.

She believes Donald Trump could be allured to exacerbate the situation, to encourage US central bankers to cut interest rates.

With simply a slim chance of a trade slew, all investors ask is at least the continuation of the trade talks.

It is uncertain whether Trump would attempt to cool down the swap crusade moving into the presidential election year, or he would be maintained fanning the flares and using it as a tool to exercise an increased pres on the Federal Reserve for lower interest rates

8.01 am BST

Japan’s stock market has hit its highest level in a few months, on hopes that the US-China trade war could be easing.

The lift in gamble sentiment shows mitigated by the concern that the latest positive developments encircling the US-China trade impasse may prove fleeting and do not yet fully nullify the downside gambles to the global economy.

In order for hazard feeling to push significantly higher, markets will need to be shown material clues that US and China are indeed drawing closer to a meaningful and final transaction transaction. Existing tariffs need to be dismantled in order to alleviate pressings on the global economy.

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