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No sex in the bunkbeds! Tales from the most intimate sharing economy startup yet

Privacy is rare, quiet hours are sacred, and don’t even think about hooking up. Meet the grownups who call the praised dormitories of PodShare home

From the street, PodShare Venice ogles strange. The top of a pitch-black -Aframed building peeks out from behind a privacy-screened chain-link fence on the area where busy South Venice Boulevard gratifies a side street of xeriscaped beach huts. But inside, the garden is typical , not unlike the one outside my own apartment house, 12 miles east in Hollywood- only the grass here is a little cleaner, the landscaping is a little nicer, there’s a basketball tribunal on the grounds, and we’re five blocks from the beach.

A tall, middle-aged man, shirtless in yoga throbs and a purple scarf, lounges on a wooden futon in the grass, paw together and knees out, in Baddha Konasana position, tapping on his iPhone. A 20 -something blond guy wearing American flag abruptlies and a Vans T-shirt reads a notebook in a nearby hammock. It’s a sunny, 65 F day in Los Angeles, and my first time staying at a PodShare. For $ 60 a daylight, each of us gets access to two parish kitchens and two co-ed bathrooms inside a proselytized church building, plus one of the 38 wooden bunk bed “pods”. But this isn’t a youth hostel. Many of the “podestrians” are fully grown adults with full-time occupations- who choose to live semi-permanently in a 50 -sq-ft- husk. The authorities have six similar PodShare spots across Los Angeles and one in San Francisco.

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