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Brexit row: Ruth Davidson joins backlash against decision to remove whip from 21 Tory rebels – live news

Prime minister threatened to seek snap general election after crucial poll passed on Tuesday in Commons

Full story: Boris Johnson to seek election after maverick Tories deliver Commons winWho are the 21 Tory mavericks who have lost the whip ?Explained: what have MPs voted for and will an election now happen ?

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Rory Stewart, the former international evolution secretary who lost the Tory whip last-place nighttime after voting against the government, has just told BBC News that, if he is not reinstated as a Conservative candidate, he will consider standing as an independent in his Penrith and The Border constituency.

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Good morning. I’m Andrew Sparrow, taking over from Simon Murphy.

Boris Johnson’s decision to remove the whip from the 21 Tories who rebelled last-place night – a move that in theory means they won’t be able to stand for the party at the next election – is generating a frenzied reaction. We have already quoted Ruth Davidson, the former Scottish Tory leader and a figurehead for moderate, centrist Conservatism.( See 8. 13 am .)

I am a Conservative, of course I am … But this chairman, I don’t recognise this. It’s the Brexit party, rebadged ….

[ The party has] been taken over by preferably a knockabout sort of character[ Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s de facto joint chiefs of staff] who’s get this ludicrou crash-it-through philosophy …[ And a] locker which is the most right-wing cabinet any Conservative party has ever caused. They’re not in control of contests. The prime minister comes and talks total rubbish to us, and is planning to hold a speedy ballot and get out, blaming parliament and Europe for the shambles.

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